About Us.

Everything you might want to know without any secrets.

Who are we?

LetzCompare is an online telecom comparison and switching service that helps you to compare prices on the selected range of products and services.

Our Mission is to help you to save money and time by bringing price and information transparency to the market so that you can make the best-informed purchasing decisions.

Our values

LetzCompare is an online telecom comparison and switching service that helps you to compare prices on the selected range of products and services.


There is no stone unturned. We display all hidden fees and equally highlighting the benefits of each offer so that you have complete information to make a right decision.


We understand the importance of your time like no one else. Thus, we strive to make the whole process as simple as a click of a button so that you can spend your time on things that matters.


We do not favor one provider over another and treat everyone equally. It is in our best interest to present you with as many offers as possible so you don’t miss out on a great deal.


Often we find ourselves fighting for a basic thing like the quality of service or simply cancel the subscription. So, we set out to create the status quo and shift the power balance back to you.

How do we operate?

LetzCompare only operates online. It is not possible to visit our office to get a personalised quotation or to request a specific service. However, we are always happy to answer any of your question on how the service operates so that you can get the most value out of it.

Please email us at customer.services@letzcompare.lu and we will get back right away.

What services do we offer?

At the moment of launch, LetzCompare only offers telecom services and products. We are working hard to bring more categories, such as banking & energy, and extend the benefits to the business customer.

LetzCompare provides a comparison of the following services:

  • SIM-only plans
  • Smartphone bundles
  • Home Internet deals
  • TV & Fixed telephone

Check our roadmap to see what you can expect in the near future.

Who do we work with?

Our goal is to bring you all available deals on the market so that you have the necessary information to make the right choice for yourself. Thus, we do not exclude any company from our listings.

However, as we are just at the beginning of our journey and it is not always possible to provide switching service as intended. This is mainly due to technical reasons but we are working on addressing this and make sure that the switching process or a new subscription to any service is as simple as a click of a button.

How do we make money?

LetzCompare comparison service is free and shall remain free forever. However, to keep this promise and evolve the product we are working to put commercial agreement with the number of providers. Our main aim in these agreements is to make the switching process as simple as possible.

Rest assured, that the possible remuneration from any of the suppliers that we might receive, will not influence the way we are comparing or ranking the offers.

Currently, our website is in the Public Beta Test and we do not receive any compensation from any of the providers. All promoted deals and sponsored content on LetzCompare.lu are placed at our sole discretion.

How do I get in touch?

If you need help with switching online, have any business enquiry or would like to give us feedback, get in touch with our team who is ready to assist you at any time.

Contact Us

Would like to join the team?

We are always looking for a great talent who can help us develop and evolve. LetzCompare provides equal opportunity for everyone. Your ethnicity, gender, religion, age or even education does not matter to us.

Our main criteria are bringing a fresh perspective and have the right skills to move us forward. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to share your story with us at hired@letzcompare.lu