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Luxembourg Online

June 27, 2022
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Got a need for speed? If you’re in the market for fast home internet, a fibre optic connection is a must, and Luxembourg Online has got you covered. Read on to see what it’s got to offer.

Luxembourg Online

Why choose Luxembourg Online?

Luxembourg Online (LOL) is a privately-owned company and was founded in 1995. The company provides and owns its internet architecture and technology within the Luxembourg network and specialises in providing Internet access, landline, mobile telephones, television (IPTV) to residential customer and network development and computer software engineering for business clients.

What packages does Luxembourg Online offers?

Luxembourg Online is 1 of 5 companies that provides mobile telephony. You can chose from three simple SIM-only packages or a number smartphone subscriptions.

Also LOL offers broadband and TV packages with 100+ channels in 5 different languages. TV offer also comes with Replay (up to 7 days), Time shift and Recording functionalities that can be controller from mobile app.

Can I get Luxembourg Online deals in my area?

Unlike other providers, Luxembourg Online has invested heavily in the national internet network, predominantly in fiber optics. Thus, Luxembourg Online manages it‘s own network in the Grand-Duchy, which covers the entirety of the country.

So there is a good chance you can get Luxembourg Online offer wherever you live in the country.

However, it could be that due to specific line type your house/apartment has you might not be eligible for all offer. So we recommend to always check your eligibility before finalising the purchase.

How can I reach Luxembourg Online customer service?

The service is open Monday to Friday, from 08:00 till 19:00 and Saturday to Sunday from 09:00 till 18:00. You can contact the support team by phone on:

Local number: 2799 0000

Alternatively, you can reach Luxembourg Online by email on: helpdesk@internet.lu

What about Luxembourg Online roaming quality?

EU Roaming - All Luxembourg Online mobile packages include data and calling bundle with EU economic zone.

International Roaming - At the time of writing, Luxembourg Online does not display any specific price list for roaming charges and withdraws any responsibility for the costs associated with roaming use, including on Luxembourg territory.

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