How to switch your provider in Luxembourg

June 27, 2022
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It's time to switch
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Make Switching Easy

Are you interested in changing your mobile phone provider? LetzCompare makes it easier than ever to find the best deal and the best service for your needs. We provide a complete list of available providers so you can compare prices, contracts lengths, data allowances, and more.

Once you find the right plan, you may have some questions about switching from your old provider.

Some typical questions we see are:

• What happens to my current plan?

• Can I keep my existing number?

• Do I need to visit a shop to make the switch?

Changing mobile phone companies is much easier than it sounds. To make switching to a new mobile phone provider simple, we are providing this guide to everything you need to know. We hope this will make your transition as smooth as possible.

Why Switch to a New Mobile Phone Provider?

Some of us stay with a provider that doesn't fit our needs for far too long. It can feel like a hassle to switch, so we put it off and suffer through inadequate service. But it is not that difficult.

Here are some reasons it may be time for a change:

You are not happy with the service provided by your network – This is a big one in Luxembourg. Depending on where you are, some networks perform better than others. That is putting it lightly. It may be that your phone simply won't work where and when you need it to.

You are moving – You may find that, given the unique geography of Luxembourg, that a mobile provider that worked great at your old place won't work at all at your new location.

You have found a better deal – With LetzCompare, you might find a plan that meets your needs at a lower price or a company that offers the features and perks you are looking for.

Getting Ready to Switch

Once you have chosen a new provider or even a new plan from your existing provider, there are a couple of questions you need to answer before making the switch.

Are you still under a contract, or has it expired?

While there are more and more plans that don't require any long-term commitment, you will want to be sure you are not locked into a contract. SIM-only contracts usually last for 12 months, and contracts tied to a phone are usually 24 months so, check to see if the contract period has ended. If it has not, and you still want to switch, check into possible early termination costs. There are often administration fees and sometimes a penalty equal to the cost of the remaining months on your contract. Still, you may find this a small price to pay to get a provider that offers what you need.

Are you happy with your current phone?

If you are finishing a contract tied to a new phone, typically a 24-month agreement, that device will become yours. Just make sure you have paid off any early termination fees and your account is up to date.

Are you switching to a new provider or just a new plan with your current company?

If you are changing for price or features, you may find a better deal with the same company you already have. In this case, switching is even easier.

The change is likely considered an upgrade or downgrade, and making the switch may be as simple as contacting the company with your operator's internal customer number. They will take care of the rest. As you will read later, you may be required to visit the store to complete the change. If you are switching to a new provider, keep reading for details on how to keep your phone number.

Switching – Can I Keep My Number?

Yes, you can keep your number. Of course, you don't have to. If you would like to ditch your old life and start from scratch, you can just leave your old number behind. Everyone has their secrets, and we won't tell. ;)

To keep your old number and transfer it to your new provider, just make sure you follow these tips.

1. Do not cancel your plan with your current provider just yet! If you cancel before you have transferred the number to your new provider, you will lose your number, and your friends will have to find another way to track you down.

2. Be sure your account is up to date, and your bills are paid with your current mobile phone operator. Unpaid bills or other billing issues can stall the process.

3. Inform your new mobile provider that you wish to keep your old number. They will send what is referred to as a "porting request" to your old mobile phone company.

4. Leave the SIM card from your old operator in your phone. When your number transfer is complete, you will receive an SMS telling you that the transfer is finalised.

5. Once you receive the confirmation, remove your old SIM card from your device and insert your new one.

6. Wait up to 30 minutes for the transfer to complete. You will be without service during this time.

When the transfer is complete, your mobile will display your new network. Now your friends, loved ones, and anyone else who has your number can contact you at your old number.

Tip: If you find that some users cannot reach you via call or SMS, contact customer support for your new provider. They can check to ensure everything is configured correctly.

Don't know your new provider Customer Support number? Check out our Alternative Guide to the Telecom market in Lux to find out.

Do I Still Need to Go to The Shop to Finalise My Contact?

We can take care of nearly everything online these days. So, do you really need to go to the store to finalise your contract? Unfortunately, with very few exceptions, the answer is yes. Let us explain why.

After the 2015 Paris terror attacks, Luxembourg approved regulations requiring telecom providers to verify customer identities in person before handing over pre-paid SIM cards. The laws do allow more flexibility with post-paid (direct debit) accounts, allowing providers to set up identity verification using technologies like LuxTrust and digital signature. Still, every company in Luxembourg asks first-time customers to head to the store to verify their identity.

Luxembourg's five telecom providers, Post, Orange, Tango, Eltrona, and Luxembourg Online, all require the following for verification:

1. A copy of an ID

2. A copy of the last bill from the previous provider (if you are switching from another company.

3. Your bank account number.

One provider, Eltrona, also asks for copies of three salary slips and a copy of your electric bill. However, this has less to do with security and more about ensuring customers will be able to pay their invoices.

If you are sticking with your current provider, unfortunately, you will likely still have to go to the store to upgrade or downgrade after your contract expires. Only one company, Orange, will let you skip to shop after your initial verification is complete.

Given the security concerns across Europe, these local telecom providers strive to balance security and customer service. Currently, it seems that balance is pushed distinctly towards security with less respect for the convenience of customers. By using LetzCompare, you are helping us put some pressure on these companies to slide the balance back to you, the customer.

Here to Help

Don't forget that we are here to help. We know that switching to a new provider can feel overwhelming. So we make sure it is easy to find the best deals on the market and service that works best where you need it. Even better, by using our site, you are helping us grow and improve our services.

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