Alternative Guide to Luxembourg Telecom Providers

June 20, 2022
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Luxembourg Telecom Providers Guide
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Whether you are about to move to Luxembourg or already settled, most likely from your research you will know only 2 or 3 companies that provide home or mobile internet services in the country.

Well, while these companies are enjoying the benefits of their big marketing budgets to put their name on your radar, there few are a few smaller companies that could provide the same and if not better level of service.

At LetzCompare we believe that the customer should have all information to make the best-informed decision when subscribing to a service. So, we decided to put together this complete guide to the telecom industry in Luxembourg so you don’t miss out on the best deals out there.

Internet and Mobile Providers in Luxembourg

Antenne Collective Ettelbruck (ACE)

Living in Ettelbruck? Then you are in luck! Local municipality has their own home internet service at significantly lower price. Read more.

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Antenne Collective Schieren (ACS)

Living in Schieren? Then you are in luck! The local town hall has its own home internet and TV services at a significantly lower price. Read more.

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You’re going to love this TV & cable provider. Eltrona is the leading TV and cable provider in the country. Click here to learn more:

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Want high-speed broadband without the expensive installation fees? Five is a niche provider that lets you get high-speed internet for your home and install it in your house. Five is easy to setup and works great right out of the box! Sign up today and start saving time & money immediately.

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Luxembourg Online

Got a need for speed? If you’re in the market for fast home internet, a fibre optic connection is a must, and Luxembourg Online has got you covered. Read on to see what it’s got to offer.

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Want to save on your home internet, sim card and smartphone plan? Orange has the lowest prices among all providers and is one of the leading telecom companies in Europe

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Post Luxembourg

Find out everything you need to know about Post Luxembourg, including how to get the best deal, on this page…

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Do you live in Esch-sur-Alzette? Then you are in luck! Esch municipality has their own home internet service at a significantly lower price and we can install it for free. Read more

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Tango is the 2nd largest telecom provider in Luxembourg offering mobile and fixed telephony, internet access and data services to both business and private customers.

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Living in Walferdange commune? Then you are in luck! Local municipality has their own home internet service at significantly lower price. Read more.

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Visual Online

Are you tired of slow internet? If your answer is yes, then we have the solution for you. Visual Online offers high-speed broadband and one of the best customer service in the country

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