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Five.lu by Mixvoip

June 27, 2022
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Want high-speed broadband without the expensive installation fees? Five is a niche provider that lets you get high-speed internet for your home and install it in your house. Five is easy to setup and works great right out of the box! Sign up today and start saving time & money immediately.

Five powered by Mixvoip

Why choose a Five.lu broadband package?

Five.lu is a product of Mixvoip, which is B2B telephony and Internet company operating since 2008.

Five.lu offers super fast and reliable broadband with no limits, no restrictions and short commitment period. Only 5 Month! The shortest of any other company on the market!

On top, Five.lu uses the same backbone and cabling infrastructure as most of well known companies in Luxembourg.

The biggest advantage of Five.lu is that you can set-up internet connection yourself and avoid paying hefty installation fees!

What packages does Five.lu has offer?

Five.lu only provides fixed home internet access at the most competitive prices without bloating their packages with free or not so free options that no one needs like another cloud storage or a free domain name.

Can I get Five.lu broadband offer in my area?

Since Five.lu utilised Post Technologies infrastructure to deliver home internet connection, you are most likely guarantee to find a suitable offer.

It could be that due to the specific line type your house/apartment has, you might not be eligible for all offers.

So we recommend always check your eligibility before finalising the purchase.

Check you broadband eligibility

How can I reach Five.lu customer support?

The service is open Monday to Friday, from 09:00 till 18:00 by phone on:

General number: +352 20 33 33 05

Alternatively, you can reach Five by email on: support@five.lu

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