UKRAINE IS CALLING: 10 Million Euro for 100 Emergency Vehicles

October 15, 2022
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Ukraine is Calling
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The war in Ukraine has been raging now for over half a year. And we believe it is time for us here in Luxembourg to turn our attention to taking care of the Ukrainians facing Putin’s indiscriminate bombing campaigns.

Ukrainian emergency services are doing their very best to come to the aid of all citizens made victims of the unjustified russian aggression. However, because of the fast deterioration of resources, they are stretched to the limit. We want to help plug the gaps in the national emergency infrastructure so that ambulances and fire services can reach the people most in need.

Many areas of the country have lost their local hospital; for this reason, it is necessary to transport patients to the next available medical center to receive, in some cases, life-saving emergency treatment. Sending ambulances to these areas in Ukraine is the solution.

Destroyed Fire trucks and ambulances in Ukraine

All over the country, whether in regions close to the fighting or not, russian bombs fall randomly on innocent heads in schools, shops, railway stations, in the streets, or even on family homes. The fire services in some parts of the country are at a breaking point. It is not a question of lack of personnel, but the shortage of vehicles to reach each and every bombed building. Often, the fire services need to choose which emergency to deal with first. We would like to alleviate their awful need to have to pick a priority, by sending them as many fire engines as we can.

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This is why LUkraine asbl has launched a fundraising campaign “Ukraine is calling” to collect enough money to send 100 emergency vehicles to Ukraine to lessen the hardships for these brave men and women at the forefront of keeping the Ukrainian society safe and alive.

Be sure everything is fully costed: a reputable and well-known auditing firm will betaking care of the finances, and all the vehicles will be on show in Luxembourg before being driven to Ukraine in a convoy and handed over to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the State Emergency Services. 

Each ambulance, fully-equipped and ready to go, costs roughly €100k, and each fire engine costs about €300k. If we raise €10 million, we could purchase 100 state-of-the-art emergency vehicles on behalf of the good people of Luxembourg.

This goal is a challenge. LetCompare has confidently joined this campaign. We’re sure there are enough caring people in Luxembourg to achieve our aspiration.

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