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October 21, 2021
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What it is all about?

Today we are bringing consumers an easy way of finding the best deals for their Home Internet, TV, SIM and Smartphone plans. Everything we do is based on our four simple core values:

LetzCompare Four Core Values

There are several filters and sorting options you can use for each product to find exactly what fit your needs. Here is a quick look at what you will be able to do on our website.

Transparency at our core

When we say that transparency is at the heart of what we do, it's not just a fancy marketing buzzword. We came across on several occasions with the hidden fees in Luxembourg and we know how frustrating it is and how unprotected as a consumer we may feel in this market.

So we worked tirelessly to uncover everything there is to know about the offer you might want to purchase. Installation & activation fees, cost of a new cable in case you need it, price of the modem and if you can buy it, any discounts or special perks you might've not know about. You name it!

Price breakdown on LetzCompare.lu
Price Breakdown Example from LetzCompare.lu

No time to waste

We all know that time is the most valuable resource we have, but it's also incredibly scarce.

When you're looking for a new cell phone plan or internet provider, you want to find the best value as quickly as possible. You don't have hours to spend sorting through different plans and prices - you just want to get what fits your need at a great price and fast.

LetzCompare will help you sort through all of the available options so that finding your perfect deal is easy and fast. Our comparison tool lets you filter by price, data limits, provider, contract length and more so that finding exactly what you need is simple.

Sorting options on Letzcompare.lu
Sorting options on Letzcompare.lu

Keeping the balance

The cost of living in Luxembourg is high, but the quality can vary. We get it - finding a provider here might seem like a straight forward thing because there in not much choice. Chances that you can only name 2 or 3 providers are quite high.

In fact, there are actually over 10 companies in Luxembourg that can provide you with mobile or fixed internet connection. You may be missing out on great deals if you don't even know that these companies exist!

Check out our Alternative Guide to Luxembourg telecom market.

Challenging status quo

Our goal is not just financial gain but also helping people make better decisions when choosing their internet or phone plan based on facts rather than sales pitches and gimmicks other retailers use. We believe everyone should be able to access information about their options so they can choose what’s right for them!

Letzcompare has created an equal opportunity platform that allows small and medium-sized telecom companies to compete with larger ones. Our comparison website makes it easy for customers like you to save money on your monthly bills by comparing rates from every major provider in Luxembourg.

Let’s support each other!

It is still the case in Luxembourg that customer not always right. Customers are often mistreated by telecom companies, and it’s not uncommon for them to be overcharged or subscribe to services they don’t need.

We believe that everyone deserves better treatment from their telecom provider, which is why we created this website as a platform for change!

By using LetzCompare you are giving a strong message to them that your voice counts and has to be heard. This way, you will never get ripped off again!

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